Priscilla Vilchis


After getting her start as an L.A. entrepreneur, Priscilla Vilchis is the CEO of Premium Produce and the first-ever minority female CEO to be awarded two of Nevada’s tough-to-get licenses to cultivate and produce in the just-now legal Nevada desert.

Now launching her own “Queen of the Desert” cannabis brand, the so-called Queen of the Desert is bringing her Nevada-grown cannabis back home to California. Vilchis has a joint venture deal with San Diego’s General Hemp already in her pocket to bring the Queen of the Desert brand back home, and is in talks now to work on distribution services in Southern California.

Previously in her career, Vilchis quickly built and grew several multimillion-dollar businesses. These business include Leading Toxicology, Elite Management and Ample Billing Solutions – each of which operate in states coast to coast in either the distribution of prescription pain medications through physicians, or the urine drug testing of patients of third-party physicians to determine the use of various pain medications.

Wearing multiple hats, Vilchis is the CEO and CMO of Premium Produce and has the understanding to perform the tasks of CFO in her own business enterprises which are themselves “unregulated,” but operate in sales to very highly regulated environments (medical practices, hospitals, ancillary medical service providers and those entities regulated by departments of workers’ compensation, pharmacy boards and medical boards).

Vilchis is well-informed on the use of various forms of and different pain medications and provides substantial educational information to practicing physicians, specifically in the use of medications for the relief of pain. Much of Vilchis’ business (and her day-to-day) is working through her distribution network of contracted representatives and calling on physicians to explain the properties and uses of different pain medications. Considering Nevada’s enlightened view of the legalization of cannabis, Vilchis has become a major player in the state overnight thanks to her decision to apply for and win two licenses for Cultivation and Preparation of Edible Marijuana.

Much of her work is in the treatment of injured workers (in various state workers’ compensation systems); as a result, she believes that the use of medical cannabis for the treatment of injured workers will result in savings to the Nevada System relieving pain and enabling workers to “return to work” earlier than with other medications. Now setting her sights on Los Angeles, Vilchis is eager to apply her business savvy to provide an ever greater number of consumers access to clean, safe medicines.